Tin boxes and cans are another choice for package of food and candies . Of course they are generally more expensive than paper and plastic containers, but they most likely can achieve nicer looking of your produce package and better protection of the products.

Besides, we are also offering tin boxes and cases to pack cigars and cigarette, jewelry and cosmetics, Christmas gifts and wedding supplies, electronic devices, ice bucket and sauce pot, etc.

rd0101 Φ83x55Hmm

rd0109 Φ100x55Hmm

ac0200 121x78x198Hmm

ma484 Φ130x80Hmm

ob9249 105×80×175Hmm

rd0046b Φ108x140Hmm

rd2083 Φ83x125Hmm

rd2095 Φ95x63Hmm

sq1062 62x62x38Hmm

sq1098 98X98X163Hmm

sq1150 150x150x150Hmm

sq2093 94X94X160Hmm

sq2094 107x107x180Hmm

sq2095 143x103x95Hmm

sq2096 Φ85x190Hmm